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Youth Programs

ARTE Youth Programs Postponed due to COVID 19

Why are youth enrichment programs so important?

Poor school performance and involvement in serious debilitating personal activities (ie. classroom discipline, disrespect, gang involvement, drugs and alcohol, teenage pregnancy and the like) all stem from lack of real knowledge and understanding of self and their primordial culture. For decades now, education research has shown that students whose cultural experiences are not an integral part of the school curriculum tend to tune themselves off to education.  Lack of activities after school, during breaks and summer, contribute to negative behavior.

Arte is molding youth to do better.  Arte’s youth programs address needs, engage and empower children and families. Arte’s programs enhance children’s lives and allow them to express themselves.  These programs occupy children’s “downtime” and keep them off the streets.  Eliminating the time, when youth most often get into trouble. Arte’s programs are accessible or free to those who don’t have the same access or exposure of their suburban peers. Arte’s programs are educational, recreational and fun!

Arte’s Youth Programs

  • A.S.A.P. – After School Activities Programs
  • A.S.A. – ARTE Saturday Academy
  • SLATE – Socialization & Learning Adventures Through Education
  • College Bound Road Trips – Turning Kids on to College
  • Family Arts & Science Workshops
  •  Art Exhibits – including annual NHPS Student Art Show
  • Scholarships

A.S.A.P. – After School Activities Program

ASAP offers a variety of activities after school at various New Haven Schools.  ASAP addresses early intervention and prevention. and occupies students “downtime”  ASAP curriculum intertwines art, science, math and literacy with “life lessons”, morals, values and good citizenship.  Programs embrace multilevel learning.  Lessons comprise group discussions, topical reading, writing assignments, problem solving and skills.  Check with your child’s school for ASAP programs

A.S.A. – ARTE Saturday Academy

A youth academy to stimulate the brains of young people to reencounter themselves through the exploration of the arts, culture, and leadership development. Courses and   activities related to the arts, dance, music, drama, traditions and culture. Talks on language arts, poetry, prose, in Spanish to cultivate a love of the Spanish language. Lessons about remarkable people and event that have forged the Latino experience!

SLATE Program – Socialization & Learning Adventures, Through Education
“All Kids Start with a Clean Slate!”

A child’s environment, experiences and exposure fill their life’s slate. Many of today’s youth have negative environments, poor experiences, and limited exposure. Especially inner-city urban youth, who’s lack of experiences, place them far behind their suburban peers. Arte’s SLATE program teaches these youth life and social skills they are not being taught. SLATE exposes urban youth to new environments, experiences and ideas.  SLATE gives children concrete opportunities, positive experiences, skills and knowledge they will use for lifetime. SLATE will help children advance further and achieve more in life.

Lesson plans include: Self Respect & Respecting Others, Bullying, Social Skills and Etiquette, Good Citizenship, Cultural Awareness, Health & Wellness, Personal Banking & Financing, Household Budgets, Mock Interviews, Self Defense, Dressing for Success, Importance of Higher Education, The Promise, College Visits, Educational Trips, and much more

College Bound Road Trips – Turning Kids on to College

Amazing adventures and learning experiences for students as they are introduced college life. Arte escorts groups of middle school students to college and university campuses. Students tour the campus, have a Q&A session with college students, eat lunch on campus and then enjoy a fun cultural, historical or educational activity. Students see firsthand and discover what college is all about. Students are asked at the beginning of the trip how many of them want to go to college. Historically, one quarter of them raise their hands. By the end of the day ALL students want to go to college.

Family Arts & Science Workshops

Arte offers these free fun-filled workshops where families unite, work together and participate in a variety of concurrent arts, science, dance, music, and other creative activities. The day begins with a group art project, a free lunch is provided and then a variety of workshops covering a various topics rn concurrently.   The day ends with a group activity / experience. This is a truly fun, educational and interactive day that brings families together.