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Arte has sponsored and escorted two groups of local students who are graduates of Arte’s successful SLATE program on an education / cultural trip to Puerto Rico.

“Dear Danny & David,

Thank you on behalf of all the kids in the SLATE program.  This experience has taught us the culture & history of Puerto Rico.  It’s also helped us learn so much about ourselves and each other.  You both have been here for all of us since the sixth grade and for that we are forever grateful.  You’ve given us an experience that we will take with us forever. 

Thank you again for everything!” 

Here is another thank you note from one of the teacher escorts on the trip.

“Dear Danny & Dave,

Thank you for your kindness and generosity.  Our trip to Puerto Rico has impacted my personal life and my teaching lens.  I cannot thank you enough for including me in this experience.

Your friend, Erin McElhone” 

One of the students, Gabriel Perez wrote this wonderful encounter of his experience on the trip.

“Growing up in Connecticut and being Puerto Rican, I never really knew much about the “motherland,” as my grandparents would call it. They would say things like “It’s a beautiful place” and “It’s very hot!”, but they never actually described what Puerto Rico was socially or culturally.   They would talk about family and the past, but I never really got to know more. This past summer I had the opportunity to go to Puerto Rico. When Mr. Dave & Mr. Dan (creators of Arte Inc., the SLATE program and mentors) told me about this trip, I did not hesitate to accept. I had absolutely no clue what it was going to be like in Puerto Rico. All I knew was that I had a lot of family from there.

Upon arriving in Puerto Rico, we were given a tour of the University of Puerto Rico. U.P.R. is where we would be housed and take part in this learning experience. I was thrilled to be staying at a university and having the opportunity to take classes and learn about my history, culture and the people of Puerto Rico. The university staff and teachers were amazing. Everyone was so friendly and open. Every day I learned something different about who I am and where my ancestors came from. We learned about the history of Puerto Rico, the geography, the environment, culture, music and dance. I heard about the Taino Indians, who were native to the island, and about the Spanish that came and the African slaves that were brought there. I see now why Puerto Ricans are different skin colors and we are made up of so many different people. I learned about Bomba, in which a story is told through lyrics and dance. One day a group of students came from the U.P.R. high school. They were very friendly and outgoing. We hung out with them, played games and got to know people our age. I was impressed that 100% of the students go to college.

Each day we took trips to different parts of the island where we saw underground caves, a lighthouse, a giant telescope and El Yunque, the largest rainforest in the US. We walked through Old San Juan and saw the stone streets and El Morro fort. All of this was over 500 years old and my family is a part of this history.

The last two nights we stayed in a beautiful hotel on the beach. We were able to enjoy the beautiful ocean (the water at home is nothing like this), the pool and relax with our friends. I was so impressed with what I got to see and do. The people were so vibrant and full of energy and I found the experience amazing! I took home a sense of pride and a taste of what my father and grandmother experienced. I took home what it means to be Puerto Rican and a better understanding of myself. I took home memories that will last forever. I will definitely return.” 


To: Arte Inc.

Thank you cannot begin to describe how appreciative I am to have received your scholarship.  It is because of Arte Inc. I have been able to continue my education at the University of Hartford; your scholarship has also brought opportunities that I never thought possible.  Being able to showcase and sell my work has always been a dream of mine that you guys have made possible.  I would like to wish you well in your continued success in helping promote the arts in the Latino community.  An infinite amount of Thank you’s got to Arte. 

Noelia Bonilla 

Thank you so much

for your continued support of our school and our students.  It is because of people like you in the community that we are able to turn around failing schools and give hope to children in the most hopeless situations, like Lee Bailey.  Thank You Again! 

Dan Hicks – Roberto Clemente School 

Thank You for the Tablet.  I love it! 

Lee B. 

Sampling of Final Surveys Comments from SLATE Graduates“I now have a bank account with savings in it.”“I learned things in SLATE classes that my school did not teach me.”I liked that we learned about   real life skills.”“The importance of respecting yourself as well as others.”“I liked learning about opportunities to make money in my future.”“I liked that we learned so much about college.”“I learned the importance of good manners.”“I learned to help a person who’s chocking.”“I learned how to control myself better.”“How to act mature like an adult.”“I learned about finance, banking, savings, credit, debit…not just math.”“Yes because I learned about socializing.”“I talked to them and learned we like the same things.”“Yes, I talked to all the kids and felt liked.”“This program teaches us how life is and that we should go to college.”“SLATE teaches us skills we need in life.”“This program teaches us to be respectful and stay in school.” 
From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for creating the Arte Inc scholarship, and giving me the opportunity to attend the Leadership Institute in San Antonio, TX.  I became the first person to have ever been accepted from CT and your support was crucial in this unique opportunity.  All my Best,  Angelica Durall 
 Thank you so much for the amazing pizza party.  I really liked the pizzas that we made. They were delicious! And again, thank you for the delicious pizza party. Sincerely,  Christina Rojas SLATE Program
Dear Arte, “I would really like to thank you for my scholarship. It will really help me to become a Broadway actress. I keep you up to date on my progress. Thanks again!” Alexandra Torresquintero – Age 13
“We at Casa would like to thank ARTE, and especially David Greco and Daniel Diaz for sponsoring the Latino Cooking Lesson. It truly was a wonderful Latino Heritage Month event for us and we look forward to the possibility of future events as well.” Thank You La Casa Staff (La Casa Cultural – Yale University)
Dear David & Danny, “Thank-You so much for everything you have done for our students. We had an amazing day! The students felt so special because of the way you treated them. Thank you for a fantastic adventure to Rhode Island that our students will never forget.” Sincerely, Mrs. Hart & Mrs. Cadett
“My name is Tatiana. After school I am attending the Arte Arts Program. Carlos is my instructor and taking this class has been a pleasure…Arte has been so much fun. I’ve learned so much. I hope the other instructors are as much fun as Carlos. ” Tatiana – Grade 5 – Conte West School
“This is the first time that I went on a big and beautiful new bus. With Jose Buscaglia, I was having a good time with him. I like his projects and everything he makes. …This is the best day of my life with Danny and David and Jose Buscaglia. Thank you for everything.” Marilyn Rangel 5th Grader – Columbus School (“Arte’s – Arts Road Trip IV)
“Wonderful exhibit! Your work continues to be unforgettable. ARTE is truly a wonderful organization. Thank you for continuing to teach us and encouraging us to learn.” Ivon Rodriguez – General Manager /Telemundo
“Very informative and an excellent presentation. So interesting to see how Hispanics and their history were shaped by so many different cultures and peoples.” Benjamin & Janet (Arte’s – “Tobacco, Sugar Cane & Coffee” Exhibit – Fall 06)
“Beautiful Exhibit, wonderful historical accuracy and presentation.” Erika & Sarahi Ayala (Arte’s – “Tobacco, Sugar Cane & Coffee” Exhibit – Fall 06)
“Thank You for this very nice presentation!” Jock Reynolds – Yale Art Gallery (Arte’s – “Tobacco, Sugar Cane & Coffee” Exhibit – Fall 06)
“The most interesting part was going to see Jose Buscaglia’s workshop and seeing the sculpture of Rodrigo de Triana for our new school.” Kassandra 5th Grader – Columbus School (“Arte’s – Arts Road Trip IV)
“This is Cool! It explains allot about the heritage of Hispanics.” Jade Arte Art Exhibit – May 06
“I wanted to thank you both for your support with our show. It was a successful production and could not have happened without your support. We were able to tell the stories of Latin America to families that might not have ever seen the stories of their ancestry told. I’m extremely proud to have had this opportunity and wanted to thank you both. Danny, please pass along my many thanks to David. If you have any questions or need follow up information, please let me know.” Thanks, T. Paul
..I truly admire the work you do, the tireless dedication and your selflessness in helping others so they too can improve our communities. Co todo Corazon, Thank You! Nancy Rolan Johnson – Latina ARMY
This is just a friendly note to express our gratitude that your organization and La Casa Cultural have often partnered together to unite Latinos at Yale and in New Haven Sincerely, La Casa Cultural at Yale
Dear Mr. GrecoWe wish to share our daughter’s accomplishments with you and the members of Arte’s Board of Directors.  Stephanie was a 2007 scholarship recipient we are very thankful for.   We would like to extend this humble invitation to our home for the best Puerto Rican food and celebration.  She is employed full time at an architectural firm. Sinceremente, Vivian y Ricardo Rivas 
..Thank you for your generosity, for your passion for the Latino community, and most of all, for your “respaldo” for our mission … Carmen Marcano-Davis Latina ARMY