Address: 26 Atwater Street New Haven CT 06513
Phone: (203) 804-9175

What is Arte?

Incorporate in January 2004, Arte Inc. is a not for profit 
501c3, grassroots organization creating positive change 
for the community. Arte is developing social networks, 
cultivating cultural, recreational and occupational 
resources for Latinos. The state of Connecticut is 
extremely rich in the arts. Yet, Latinos are greatly 
unrecognized and under-served by the arts community.

Arte is exposing Latinos to the arts and introducing other 
communities to the richness and diversity of Latino 
cultures and art. Arte enables emerging Latino artists the 
opportunity to exhibit and sell art. Arte is bridging 
communities, fostering open dialogues, breaking down 
stereotypes and engaging Latinos with non-Latinos. Arte 
is improving the quality of life for residents. Arte prides 
itself on its vision of inclusiveness and is inclusive of all 
Latino / Hispanic groups.